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Medium reading tip for free

If you are a regular reference to shared articles about tech and programming online, it is no stranger to Medium, an extremely popular blogging and content publishing platform. The posts on Medium are usually quite high quality and are regularly updated. Some sites like ProAndroidDev are almost heaven for Android developers.

However, there is a downside of Medium that we all know is that this platform is not completely free. It only allows users to read a limited number of posts per month, then if you want to read more will need to pay for a monthly fee of $ 5.

One of the tricks used is to open the browser in incognito mode to view. This was also somewhat inconvenient and as I saw it only showed a few more times. Not to mention when we want to share the article somewhere, moving windows is also very inconvenient.

Fortunately, since February 2019, Medium has linked with the social network Twitter to allow users from the platform to read the article for free. Accordingly, if you share a Medium article on Twitter with a tweet or DM (direct message), then when you or someone click on this link will be able to read the article completely normal without being hidden content and show notification of account update request to premium again.

So, if you want to read an article Medium is being charged, just click the Share button on Twitter, you can choose to share in private mode, then click on the shared link to be able to read the article. Normal and free. This is also a way for us to bookmark good posts and read them later.

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